The Thermo Scientific SamStat-30 is a representative slurry sampling station that provides composite samples for metallurgical accounting. Its unique design features allow for significant
savings at design and construction stages. It can be configured to provide additional benefits including screening and distribution.

A well-designed, representative sampling station is essential for accurate process control, metallurgical accounting and the calibration of an online analysis system.

The Thermo Scientific SamStat-30 is a full-flow representative sampler incorporating multiple stages to progressively sub sample the slurry stream before delivering period composite samples through a final stage cross cutter. Each SamStat-30 is customized to suit the required flow rate by using various sized tanks in a one-to-four stage system.

With only two moving parts and few wear parts the SamStat-30 is a low maintenance system that requires minimal supervision, making it ideal for large plants. A dedicated multi-element immersion probe can be added to the final stage of the SamStat-30, making it an integrated sampling and analysis station, known as the Thermo Scientific AnStat-330.

The SamStat-30 is now available with a number of optional features including the SamStat-30C, a continuous sampling station that produces a representative flow to a multi-stream analyzer, such as the Thermo Scientific MSA-330. Other optional features include a pebble screen, outlet distributor and a reverse flow sampler, providing an ideal sample for particle size analysis.


  • Single or multiple inlets
  • Fixed cutters that are replaceable online
  • Variable speed mixer in the final zone
  • Final stage cross-cut sampler
  • Open, visible design
  • Low flow velocity
  • Reliable operation
  • Low head