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Most raw materials and manufactured products are sampled by some method for purposes of quality control. Our area of interest lies in extracting material samples from conveyor belts, chutes, launders or flumes, vibratory feeders, pipeline, trucks or trains. A representative sample is where every particle in the lot sampled is equally represented. The procurement of a sample from a material stream is analogous to passing a water glass underneath a stream of tap water. As the glass moves from right to left at a fixed rate of speed, a sample is left in the glass. This is a  representative sample of the conveyed product which we are trying to obtain.

Accurate and repeatable sampling of materials is dependent upon the following criteria:

  1. The device moving through the material stream (a sample cutter) should have an opening three (3) times the maximum particle size.
  2. The sample cutter, at its rest or idle position, must be completely out of the material stream.
  3. The sample cutter will start from its rest position and move through the material stream at a predetermined, fixed rate of speed.
  4. The traverse speed or cutter speed must be limited so that screening or segregation does not take place as the sample cutter moves through the stream.

INGEPROA sampling machines and systems meet or exceed the following sampling standards:

  1. ASTM Standard D2234, Sampling of Coal
  2. ASTM Standard D2013, Preparing Coal Samples for Analysis
  3. ASTM Standard D4916, Mechanical Auger Sampling
  4. International Standard (IS0) 1988, Hard Coal Sampling
  5. International Standard (IS0) 13909, Hard Coal and Coke
  6. International Standard (IS0) 3082, Iron Ore Sampling
  7. International Standard (ISO) 12743, Copper, Lead and Zinc Concentrates

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